Born in New York, Serg Sniper's career as a DJ in 1992 and his career took off shortly after when he began to make the rounds in the competitive New York City night club circuit. Over the years Serg Sniper has been a fixture in the New York City club scenes performing at clubs such as Sound Factory, Webster Hall, China Club, Avalon, Deep, B.B. Kings, Duvet, Lot 61, Bliss, Exit and Taj to name a few. He has also ventured to clubs throughout The United States.  


  In the summer of 2003 Serg Sniper, alongside fellow DJ and Producer V. Smoove, were sought out and booked in Over 10 different countries around the world including Japan, Taiwan, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland, to the shores of The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to name a few.


  Serg Sniper took his sound to the streets creating a series of Reggae, Hip hop, R&B, House and Latin CDs with classics such as "Reggae Archives' earning him an incredible amount of respect across the tri-state area and adding to his worldwide recognition as a top Disc Jockey/Remixer. Serg Sniper was a winner of the Best Mix tape Duo SEA Award in 2006 along with V. Smoove. Serg Sniper has had a long standing partnership with V. Smoove. That partnership has lead to the creation of numerous party breaks for AV8 Records such as: "Go Shorty", "More Fire I, II, and III" and "Lose Ya Breath" to name a few. In another venture Serg Sniper and V. Smoove were hired by the AVEX Corporation to mix and produce multiple party compilations for major sale and distribution in Tokyo, Japan.

Serg Sniper and V. Smoove's hard work and talent dramatically paid off leading to their site: This well known website has been developed to showcase new releases from the Clubbanagz and other known remixers and Dj's worldwide. With the outstanding work and input of Serg Sniper and V. Smoove, and most importantly their customers, the site's popularity tremendously increases daily.


  Serg Sniper was formerly a Co Host a of nationally syndicated radio show in 2005 and has been on the air on 90.3 W.M.S.C. Looking to advance his global reach he was the DJ for the D.T.F. internet radio show The Corner.

These days DJ Serg Sniper has joined forces with the world famous DJ Kings organization furthering his recognition as one of the best DJ's anywhere. Serg Sniper still maintains a strong presence in the night club industry. 

  Serg Sniper is determined to excel in everything he does which makes him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His outstanding talent and ability to move any and every crowd guarantee. The name Serg Sniper will continue to be known across the globe.



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